Friday, November 7, 2008

Cyndi #7

So are you like me?? I get an idea for a picture and then end up taking about a hundred to get the great shot. But then I have to weed through them all and most of them end up looking the same anyway. My intent was to get some shots like the first two with the sun shining through and around the flag. My dad gave me a crossgrain filter that makes lights kind of look star-ry (??) I took a couple like the last one just at the end and I think I like it better than the others.
Anyway, I was feeling a little weary after the Tuesday elections and needed to be reminded that God is in control and that I really do love our country no matter who our leaders are. I guess I'm a sucker for a patriotic scene.
And just to clarify... Heidi says she leaves her pics on her memory card so she can look on her camera for her settings. The program I'm using deletes them after I upload them to my computer whether I want it to or not. Heather, what do you do?? I know these are at ISO 200 and f/5.6 I was in aperature mode so the shutter speed changed depending on what I was focusing on. I need to figure something out there.
Have a beautiful day, Ladies!!


One of Us said...

I need to be reminded as well, so this is a great theme to choose. Sigh ... GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! :) I like how the filter gave the sun a rainbow look. They were both great shots, and both pictures made me feel different. The first two gave a "romantic" feeling and the last one made me proud to be an American! :)

One of Us said...

I really like the light filtering through the flag in these pictures. the The first two are interesting because the flag is dark, but the light coming through is bright and powerful... i think you captured very different emotions with these shots. Great creativity!
To find your settings you don't have to go to your camera or memory card. Just locate the picture on your computer, right click on the icon, click on properties, click on the details tab, and all of your settings should be listed right there- just scroll down. Let me know if that works for you - Heather

becky said...

I like the pictures, and it does make you remember that we do love our country. :) The one with the rainbow shining through the flag is a great shot too. Great job at capturing the american spirit.

Me said...

LOVE these Cyndi! You ladies are sooting some great pics! I'm going to save up for a better camera. I just have a regular digital camera. But I really enjoy your photos! You know our pastor said that NOTHING suprises God. Maybe He's just wrapping this whole thing up and we can go home!! We can pray for our new Pres. salvation, and witness to everyone. Salvation brings more change than anything else can! One day we will finally meet!