Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heidi #7

I loved the look of this church door. A rustic door in the middle of modern society. I played around with the settings. I am not totally thrilled with how it turned out. I wanted a "Heather look" ... :-) Oh well. That is why this is a learning experience. Have a wonderful weekend!


Cyndi146 said...

That is the coolest door!! I love the stone in the archway and how it's curved. Way to keep your eyes open Heidi and thinking to shoot something like this. And we'll get there... someday we'll have Heather shots too :)

puffbutt said...

In my mind, another artistic, and frameable photo. Perhaps if you and this Heather person got together, you could collaborate on shots. Seriously, I love it.

One of Us said...

The colors are very descriptive- like the rich color of the wood door. It reminds me of a castle door in Europe. You have a good eye, don't sell yourself short. Heather