Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heidi #13

I'm a little late today ... sorry. This CT stuff has me super busy right now. O.k., I saw a fountain over in a shopping mall that I have always wanted to stop and take pictures at. So last week while taking Cassie to a play date, we stopped and she was my model. The funny thing was, the fountain didn't work. You could see cars and building so it "ruined" the picture. We went to leave and I saw all these wild flowers growing right next to the fountain, so I started play and came up with some fun shots that I will be posting for the next week or so. In the shot above, Cassie doesn't have the best expression on her face (that is a "get serious mom" look), but I really liked how the sun was at her back. I used a little flash to fill in any shadows on her face.


One of Us said...

Very good technique. The image is tack sharp, the back lighting is just right, and the fill flash was set perfectly... no harsh shadows, just soft and pretty skin tone. Way to pay attention to the detail Heidi- Heather

Cyndi146 said...

I agree... the fill flash is set perfectly. The tones are soft and so easy to look at. I love the sun on her hair. Especially the little piece on the opposite side. And... the look is pricelss :)