Friday, November 21, 2008

Heather #11

Assignment: Field Trip! Lance wanted to go to his favorite restaurant for his birthday and suggested I take my camera in search of photo opportunities while we were out of town. We had no plans, just drive, stop, snap. We stopped at this quaint Church to admire the stained glass windows. With the bright sun, I used my polarizing filter to deflect the sun's glare in the windows and to deepen the blue and green hughes. I will have to assign Lance the credit for the cabbage flower shot, he has a good eye, the colors and curves are really interesting.


scrappurple said...

I like the way you framed the church. You gave it breathing room for the eye to travel, and using the filter was smart thinking. It made everything pop. Great eye Lance! That cabbage definatly makes you look twice and then look again at the design on it!

Cyndi146 said...

That's a beautiful church. Great thinking to bring the camera :) The colors look really good and I like the angle. Love the cabbage pic too. Lance was just full of great ideas that day. wasn't he?