Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cyndi #12

From last month... Too bad they don't put the ball on the 50 cuz that would have looked really cool. I'm including the 2nd one Heather, cuz if you look over the head of the ref in the center of the field, you can see Lance and Brendan sitting in the stands :)


One of Us said...

love these. the sky and the perspective of the 1st one is really cool. And I feel like I'm watching the team walk out in slow motion on that 2nd one. I'm curious what your settings were on the first one, it looks like the sun is setting, you must have had to increase the ISO, but the picture still looks really clear.

scrappurple said...

I love these Cyndi! You are getting good at being creative with a "typical" shot. I like how the sun is setting and how it adds a different "color" to a normal football game. I really like the second picture. It is cool that Brendon an Lance are there, but I like how the football players are in a line and the 40 yd is ther. You usually see that when they are walking the opposite way. Very creative!!