Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cyndi #8

I'm pulling from my stash today. I took pictures this weekend but they're still in the camera. This was from last month. I have the advantage of being on the sideline during the games and when Spencer turned toward me and I tried to take the pic fast enough before he got too close. I use the long lens for games so close ups end up being really close up. I've already scrapped this pic and when I did, I processed it somehow that made it look really cool. I can't remember what I did though. I tried playing with it tonight. Maybe I'll find the other one and post it too.


One of Us said...

I still can't believe that is Spencer! I love that you got close up to his face ... you can see the dirt and grime and everything that is football! Someday he is going to be showing off this picture to his kids! :)

One of Us said...

I really like this. The colors are very dark and contrasty which lends to the "rough and tough" feel of the picture". This picture would be so cool blown up and printed on canvas- Heather

Me said...

Oh MY!! Cyndi this is GOOD!!!