Friday, November 28, 2008

Cyndi #14

Took these last night after coming home from Thanksgiving Eve service. My mom laughed at me. She says I take pictures of the strangest things. She'd never thought to take a picture of the fog (she just moved from Eureka). I thought it sounded like a cool idea :) I set up the tripod on my front porch and used a super long shutter speed. I also used the 10 sec timer so that when I pushed the shutter release I wasn't moving the camera. 10 second timer plus a 5 second shutter speed meant I didn't always time it right and a couple times a car would drive though my shot. I thought it looked pretty cool though. They weren't even driving fast. The stop sign is right there. Might be fun to do this again on a street with no stop sign :) Hope you both had a Happy Thanksgiving!


scrappurple said...

Wow Cynd, I am impressed! You did a great job with the exposure and getting the street to show up even though it had to be super dark outside! I like the lights on the car lighting up the street ... gives it a really cool look! Great job!

One of Us said...

I like the way you did something different. I don't think I would have been brave enough to take my camera out on a foggy evening... that is true dedication :-) It must have been quite a task trying to figure out exposure as you attempted to keep the scene in focus.
Great work! Heather