Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For this shot of my beautiful Great Niece (yes, I am a Great Aunt) I used an f/stop of f/5. I wanted my background really blurry, and the focus on the face ... or more importantly the eyes.

I was asked a great question. How do you tell what your f/stop is on your lens? If you pretend someone is taking a picture of you, look on the inside rim of the lens. You will see something like "1:4-5.6" That means that my lens will only go to f/4-f/5.6 and up (f/13, f/22, etc). I can not go to f/3 or f/1.8. Usually, people like to by a 50mm lens because the f/stop will be around f/1.8 (it depends on the quality of lens you buy). This is hopefully a very simple explanation of what to look for when using your lens(es).

There was also this question: How do I change the setting? Well, I happen to know that this person has a Canon Rebel XTi, so you would want to look on your round knob at the top of your camera. You will see the green rectangle. Above that is "P, TV, Av, M" You want to choose "Av". That will change the aperture for your camera. If you look in your view finder, to the left of the light meter, you will see the f/stop numbers. You can change the numbers by rotating the dial by your right pointer finger where you would push the button to take the picture.

Hope that helps a little! :-)


Anonymous said...

She is soooo cute! And, gee....whoever are you talking about? hehehe. Thanks!

Heather said...

great tutorial! Great portrait...you immediately notice her pretty brown eyes.

Anonymous said...


I took this photo today at the drug store. What do you think?

scrappurple said...

He, he ... I cant remember who I am talking about! ;)