Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, when Heather gave us the challenge anything Christmas, I knew I was in trouble ... I hadn't pulled down my Christmas items yet! Eeekkk!!! So, we finally got all of our decorations down from the attic and I decided to take a picture of one of my Cherished Teddies. I choose him because of what his banner states "Glory to the New Born King". It is what this Christmas season is all about. I decided to use my 50mm lens to put the focus on the banner verses the face. I had to bump the f stop to f/2. I also used a tripod since my shutter speed was 1/15. I used all natural lighting since I wanted a soft look. I then used a white vignette instead of black to keep the focus soft.

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Heather said...

Love this macro shot Heidi... the focus on the banner tells a beautiful story. I also like how you used a white vignette, very good choice.