Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autum Apples

It most definitely would not be Fall without our annual trip to Apple Hill. Lance and I attended Peter's class field trip this year. We came home with an apple pie and a camera full of great pictures :-)


scrappurple said...

So true. Love both views of the apples. The branch ... great shot. and after being picked. That is a lot of apples! ;) Great coloring!

Cyndi146 said...

Gorgeous Heather! I LOVE the colors here! REally love the new Triple Shots look :) I got a new lens for my birthday. May have to take your challenge.

Heather said...

I sure hope so Cyndi!... I would love for you to add some pictures... hope you're enjoying that new lense... amazing what some "good glass" can bring to the table isn't it?..:-) Heather