Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cyndi 70 & 71

So I'm hosting the Speed Scrap Wednesday night listening to the approaching storm and remember... Today is my day to post. Cool, I'll get some shots of the lightning. Well, much harder than it sounds. Lightning is fast (I guess that's why they call it lightning) But I set up my camera to a pretty slow shutter speed and set it to continuous advance and wait for the shot. I was so happy to actually get some good ones - minus the power lines going thru :( I go in to upload and post and lose power to half our house... yes half. It was really weird. The stove worked but not the microwave. The TV worked but not the DVD player. Yes, weird. But it happened to all our neighbors like that too so we think one of the boxes was hit or something. But I couldn't get interent connection all night (still having some trouble with that.) Sooooooo, here are two posts in one of the awesome lightning storm from Wednesday night. I tried, I really did :)

I left the pics pretty wide so click on it and it will spread wider. It looks better that way too.


Heather said...

OMGosh!!! You were able to capture the lighting. Heidi and I were joking about how we tried and couldn't get our setting right to capture it.... great job!!!

scrappurple said...

He, he. I was going to say the same thing!! Way to go Cyndi! By the time I went to get my tripod out it was pouring rain!! way to be prepared!!! Love them!