Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heidi #42

This was taken inside my MIL's house (can you tell I get a lot of inspiration visiting her?!). I must say this was challenging. The lighting was horrible (well, it was beautiful, just not for taking a picture). I had to steady myself against a wall because I did not have my tripod with me. The colors are what instantly drew me.


Becky said...

That is nice and vibrant Heidi. Great job on getting a close up on it. What lens did you use?

HEATHER said...

that is just gorgeous Heidi, I've never seen an orchid plant this color- so unique! you captured such great detail too.

Cyndi146 said...

Heidi!! This is fantastic! No indication what-so-ever that you had bad lighting conditions. (the sign of a great photographer) It's nice & crisp with just the right amount of blur to the blossoms in the rear. GREAT work!