Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heidi #34

Everytime I drive by our park, it is beautifully covered with frost. This last week, I stopped to take a picture, but the frost was already melting by the time I got there. I don't have time to go earlier (school day), so I made it into a landscape picture instead. :)


HeatherAnnPhotography said...

you're so good about having your camera with you, just in case that perfect shot pops up. I like the way you changed the coloring in this picture, it gives it an entirely different feel and mood.

Cyndi146 said...

I LIKE it!! I like the b&w one best. But really a great landscape shot. And I agree with Heather... you are so good about having your camera with you.

Becky said...

I like the sun peeking through the trees on the horizon. Great shot. I like how you brought the coloring down a bit, it softened the whole feel of the image.