Friday, January 23, 2009

Heidi# 29

This plaque caught my eye. Not necessarily because of what it says, but because what will happen if we don't. There is a dead rose lying right beside the plaque. If we don't forgive, then we become dried and brittle like this rose. Our pedals fall off and crumble when touched with love. I never want that to happen, so I must forgive ... whether I feel like it or not.


One of Us said...

You got some really great shots of the prayer garden Heidi. I love the coloring on this. The dead rose is very symbolic.

Becky said...

great photo. I like how everything around it seems blured but that rose just pops out.

HeatherAnnPhotography said...

nice color and great framing. i really like the vignette. this picture tells a story doesn't it.