Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heidi #28

I was sitting on the couch one night and Daisy was by the fireplace. Please understand, I am not a person that loves taking pictures of their pet. But, I knew sitting there, that it was a perfect practicing opportunity for me, so I took it. Because of the lighting in the room, I didn't like how the picture turned out. But playing around with different settings and presets, I came up with this shot.

On a side note, I pray that God Blesses America today! :)


Becky said...

I like the pic of daisy. Me who have tried numerous times to take photos of the dogs. IT is hard to get them looking at you. Great job. I like how the flag that is in the plant just kindof comes through. THat is added to your side note. :)

HeatherAnnPhotography said...

It is hard to take pet pictures, usually the subject is uncooperative and you end up with that terrible pet red eye. You avoided both and came up with a nice little shot of daisy. good job.

One of Us said...

How DID you avoid the pet eye?? that is so hard. I love the close up and how she's sitting so pretty :) Way to stretch yourself.