Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heather #26

Here are a few samples of the shots I took of Brendan's band- Freedom Affair. They're really serious about getting exposure, and top of their list were some good band pics. They are creating a MySpace page and are going to record a demo in a couple of months. I told the boys I would take their pictures as long as I could cash them in for some serious money when they become famous :-) Just kidding, it was a blast working with these boys.


scrappurple said...

Wow Heather! These look like they were professionally done! Someday when they are famous (not when!!) you should make a ton of $$ off of those pictures!! He, he!! I like the one you picked for the cover and the sunset one is amazing!

Cyndi146 said...

I LOVE the first one. Brendan is so cute :) They do look like they would be fun to shoot. Where did you shoot the last one?

One of Us said...

we were on top of the new parking garage in downtown Roseville.