Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heather #23

I filled up my memory card with pictures from our recent trip to the snow with some friends. I jumped at the opportunity to take pictures as it was a good excuse to keep me out of the snowball crossfire! I made a point of keeping my shutter speed above 1/125 to freeze all of the sledding fun and a fairly small aperture to keep everything in focus.


scrappurple said...

I love the looks on the girls faces with the first picture! The second picture is amazing. You got the sun on the hair and fill fash for her face. The "dreamy" affect on Maddy is perfect ... :)

Cyndi146 said...

These pics look like they are glowing. They are so beautiful. I love the 2nd one and of course, that little snow angel Maddie. I'm checking out your new blog right now. Pics are loading as I type :) Great job! Can't wait to see what God brings you in 2009!!!