Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cyndi #32

So this was the absolute worst place to take pictures but the most awesomest fun place. It's called Sky High in Sacramento... full of giant trampolines. The kids jumped for an hour and were exhausted. Even the walls are trampolines. There were about 5 of these big structures in the place. I didn't use flash, bumped my ISO to 3200 and tried to use the fastest shutter speed while still allowing in the minimal light. Like I said... terrible conditions, but I got a few I can scrap :)


scrappurple said...

Whoa!!! That place looks cool! I think you did a great job at getting the exposure right! Especially for the conditions you had! The colors are bright, people are clear and even if there is noise, you can't tell because of the netting.Great job!

HeatherAnnPhotography said...

Emily was just telling me she wanted to go there... good to hear first hand that it is worth the trip to Sac. I can't believe you used such a high ISO and can't see the noise at all! Great exposure. Nice job.