Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cyndi #25

Okay... I was playing in PS tonight and going for that bright, colorful face pic like Heather gets. I think I need some lessons. I settled on the blown out look and kind of like the effect. This is my niece.


scrappurple said...

This turned out great. Yes, it is a little blown out, but you have great catch lights in her eyes. It is a fun angle of the camera. She is smiling, but not a "posed" smile. Overall, it is a fun picture. :)

HeatherAnnPhotography said...

I think it's great you are trying something new, that's how we learn right? I just test things out and find things I like, the more you experiment in Photoshop, the more you will realize that it is an amazing photography editing tool. I like the way you captured an un-posed, natural expression on your neice's face, that's hard to do, good job.