Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heather 21

How much fun can you have on a trampoline? When you're over 35, not much, but the pictures you take can amount to endless fun! I took these pictures with my nifty 50 lens, fast shutter speed, and wide aperture. I applied an exposure and color punch in Lightroom.
p.s. I drafted this Tuesday evening, but didn't post until Wed. Didn't want Heidi to think I was squeezing her out :-)


scrappurple said...

Shesh Heather ... as if I would notice that you "squeezed me out"! He, he!! I love this! I looks like you got the hang of the lens. Your focus was on the face with Em, that would seem hard to do on a trampoline. Love how her hair is flying around! Fun processing too. Love the blurred sky.

Cyndi146 said...

Super fun pics! I love the processing on the second one best. Love the movement of the pics with her hair flying. BTW... you can set up your draft to post at a later time. Just click options and put in the time for the next morning.

Becky said...

what is the nifty 50 lens? What are the aspects of it?