Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heather #15

I took this picture of Pete at the Thanksgiving parade. I like both versions, but I especially like his little freckles on the black and white version :-)


scrappurple said...

That is a pretty cool shot. It almost looks like Petee stepped out of the early 1900's with that hat on! But then the big tanker/truck tells you it is modern day time. ;) Both of them are great shots, not sure which one I like best. They both make you smile. :-)

Cyndi146 said...

That's totally what I was thinking!!! That it looked like a shot from the 40's! What a little man. I like the sepia version best too. The background is perfectly out of focus and his face is better outlined and doesn't get lost in the camaflouge. Great shot Heather!