Monday, December 29, 2008

Cyndi #21

Another shot taken for the recipe challenge at SM. I think I like shooting food... it doesn't get impatient when I take shot after shot to get the right one :) I took this with my Dad's new camera that he got for Christmas. It's the next upgrade from mine... Sony Alpha 300... exactly the same but it has live view. I can't wait until he get new lenses that I get to try :)


Becky said...

i agree food isnt impatient like kids. great shot.

HeatherAnnPhotography said...

mmmm, that looks yummy :-)
Colors are nice and it is very crisp. I'm suddenly craving chocolate :-)

scrappurple said...

I like the colors in the picture. My first thought was yum!!! then I had to get over my chocolate craving and look at the picute. He, he! It is crisp and the red make the picture pop! Great job!