Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cyndi #18

Two slightly different looks at the same tree. Same shot... all changes made in post processing... crop and color. The sepia kind of reminds me of an old west pic.


Me said...

Loving these cemetary shots. There's always something beautiful about them.

scrappurple said...

That tree is amazing! You captured it well. Rule of thirds. It is fun to see the history of this and how you turned it b&w then to see modern houses in the back ground. Just shows how long it has been there. Great shot!

One of Us said...

I really like the way you composed this shot, and both versions are very cool. The details are so sharp... I just really like it all the way around :-) Heather

PS And I would LOVE to take pictures of your kids. We should plan an outing this spring, get the kids dressed up and take pictures in a a cool, urban setting!