Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cyndi #17

This where I work now :) I'll probably be practicing here... a lot!! There's a beautiful old section of the cemetery that was built in the early 1800's. I hope to capture some of it's charm and beauty.


scrappurple said...

Wow, that is beautiful ... in a weird way! HE, he. Love how the sun is falling through the fog. It gives the pictures a certain charm. Hard to believe that has been around for so long. Way to go Sac for preserving it.

Becky said...

interesting, i dont think i would of thought to take a picture at a cemetary. But it is a beautiful picture. Turning it b/w makes it have an 'old time' feel to it. Cant wait to see more from there. Good job.

One of Us said...

How cool! Now if I took pictures at my work, they definitely would not be so interesting ;-) Turning them black and white was a good call, love how the overall picture is moody and contrasty. Great job!