Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heather # 9

Assignment: Mid Day Sun
So you're always hearing about not taking pictures in mid day sun, but there are some subjects that benefit from such elements, such as abstracts and architecture with an emphasis on the sky. This is a simple close up of a plant with the exposure metered from the blue sky. I applying a soft focus effect and boosted the color a tiny bit. I took shots from different vantage points and found that shooting from the ground and capturing the sky was most appealing.
Below are two more with more of an artistic take:


scrappurple said...

Great job Heather! I like that you got down on the ground and looked up. That is one thing that most photographer make as a mistake is looking down on a flower. YOu did it right by looking up, so that we could see the sky. I like your artistic shots too. :-)

Cyndi146 said...

I love the colors in the first one. And the soft focus action that threw the background a little out of focus. Great perspective. I love the sky peeking though. I'm thinking that last one would probably look really great framed and hung on the wall in your bathroom. Great job!

Becky said...

I really like the field of vision. It makes you feel like you are lying in the field and looking up at the sky. I like the color in them as well.