Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heather #8

Assignment #3: Indoors, low light with movement. Three extremely difficult ingredients and here are the results.
Brendan is in a band named Freedom Affair and they're actually really good! We converted our detatched garage into a music room, so I guess you could say they are a full fledged garage band :)
Here's how I dealt with the low light: I used my triopod, increased the ISO, and added flash for fill light.

For the image below, I lowered the shutter speed to blur the motion...

This one is just for fun... I like the look on the guitarist's face


Cyndi146 said...

Wow... yes... these are the hardest of the hard conditions! and you pulled it off!! I love the last one with the grunge overlay and the selective color. So rock!

scrappurple said...

Great job Heather! I like how colored the last one! What great memories you will have for Brendon to look back on! Good thinking using your tripod ... it worked well.

Me said...

COOL pics!! Love all of the affects!