Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cyndi #5

Okay, I really don't want to post after Heather's pics from yesterday. Those were amazing!

But here goes:

My brother brought over his 7 day old daughter yesterday and yes... I took 164 pictures of her :) She got kind of upset with me at one point cuz I was putting her in different positions and she didn't like it. But I got a couple cute ones. I love the bottom one of her sticking out her tongue. She was dressed for Halloween and doesn't look very girlie so I think I might have him come again with a big bow or flower ribbon on her head. She sooooo sweet! Both of these were in front of my big slider in the family room. I had taken some in the kitchen and the lights made her look so yellow. I was trying to use only natural lighting. Maybe I should designate a room just for pics :) TFL!


One of Us said...

These are super precious! I love how you can almost feel the texture of the baby's newborn skin. I think you did a really nice job with your exposure as well. Shooting babies is harder than it looks, i bet you feel like you learned alot through this experience.-Heather

One of Us said...

OH Cyndi she is beautiful!!!! I love the bottom picture ... you can almost hear her making baby noises. You did a great job at getting close up and making the background blurry. Love them!

P.S. Don't blame you for not wanting to follow Heather's pictures!! He, he!! ;) They were amazing.