Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cyndi #11

One of my biggest pleasures from Monday shopping day... a full fruit bowl. I was going to use the healing brush in Photoshop and brush out all those bruises and spots but Photoshop was being kind of wonky tonight and I've got to get to bed... I start work tomorrow!! (well it will be today when you read this :) Have a wonderful day!


One of Us said...

FYI -- I didn't post this last night. The posted time says 8:24pm. I drafted it last night and left it in the queue. Then published it this morning at 6:30am. Just didn't want you to think I was barging in on your post time Heather :) Have a great day! -- Cyndi

scrappurple said...

Great job Cyndi! I like the top one the best. I am glad you didn't get rid of the bruised ... that makes it look real. Good luck today!! :)

One of Us said...

The colors are very natural and true to life... good exposure and lighting. Sometimes it's the simple things around the house that spur on creativity :) Heather