Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heather # 3

I went to my daughter's soccer game expecting to capture some action shots, but ended up with some interesting still shots. I'm finding that photography is largely about keeping an open eye and an open mind. Saturation and lighting adjustments in Lightroom.
Soft lens effect and dark vignette in Photoshop.


One of Us said...

I LOVE it! It shows the team feeling and gives the emotion of what being on the team was. I like the vignette. Great shot!!

Cyndi146 said...

Great catch Heather! You totally captured a "moment". Way to keep your eyes open. I really love the colors and the vignette too. really great shot!

puffbutt said...

Unique perspective. I would never have thought to shoot it from the back. You are good at knowing when to take an artistic risk!