Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cyndi #2

We made carmel apples the other night with my mom. I loved the deep red apples. (I'll be submitting the first pic to the Photo challenge at SM soon.) I wish now that I would have tried some without the flash. And then when I did shoot in the natural (or tungsten lighting) I tried to just hold the camera real still instead of getting the tripod out. Lazy. There wasn't quite enough light to get it super crisp. Live and learn. Obviously shot in aperature mode for both pretty wide open. Don't you love the warts on the carmel apple?? Oh... I'll need to resize smaller before uploading to photobucket too. It's cutting off the whole right side of the pic. Heather, do you remember what size yours were before you uploaded them?


One of Us said...

I like the flash with the apples. The color is very rich and it gives it a little interest with the shine of the flash.
I resized my image to 600 x 400 before downloading it to photobucket.

scrappurple said...

I like the red apples! Great job. The carmel makes me want to go over to your house and eat one. :)