Monday, October 20, 2008

Cyndi #1

Took this pic of one of Spencer's coaches at Friday night's game. He was turning toward me and I just lifted the camera and shot. I'm so surprised it's in focus! I love the close up though and the mysterious background. This is the look of a coach's face when his team is losing 24-0.

I boosted the colors a little in PS and ran an unsharp mask. I usually only run a slight unsharp mask but this one is pretty high... here are the #'s: Amount 20%, Radius 60 pixels, Threshold 0. I really like the difference it made from the original. Kind of gritty.

Can't wait to see your pics!


One of Us said...

Love the facial expression you captured!

littlevoice said...

you most definitely captured the essence of the moment in this photo.

Me said...

Looks Great! This is a cool site! Way to go! Will be back here often!